Hamer & Co have quite a long history. There is a certain indefinable magic when family members play music together. Frank and Rich Hamer (father and son) have been consistently playing guitar together for many years. They have done shows as Rich & Frank, Soupy Twist, Vesper Martini and of course as Hamer & Co.

When Rich and Frank play guitar together it is remarkably intuitive. Their playing is accomplished, heartfelt and strongly improvisational. Their open-minded approach to music and their longevity as a duo has seen them perform across an unusually wide spectrum of musical genres over the years, both together and apart, anywhere and everywhere, allowing the development of a uniquely free and instinctive style when they come together.

Hamer & Co is the ultimate expression of their combined experience. The idea is to bring that 'jazz club' feel that we all want to every single show. The two guitarists conspire to intermingle silky smooth basslines, powerful improvisations and groovy rhythms, to create a dazzling hybrid of everything from cool and mellow jazz to swing, latin and bebop. The regular addition of highly accomplished special guest musicians results in fresh, exotic and spontaneous music.  


The primary focus of Hamer & Co is performing at special dinner events, restaurants, cocktail bars, cabaret clubs, hotels, weddings and corporate functions. Hamer & Co are a refined and experienced jazz outfit, for people who love music and want the freshness and finesse of a top jazz club brought right to their venue of choice.


Hamer & Co's latest album, Double or Nothing, is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all major online music stores...


"It's great to hear two players who have genuine chemistry. The usual bebop standards are here, alongside some lesser-known gems, but each track is played with such finesse that you'll be compelled to seek them out live."

(The Musician, Autumn 2017)